EKG, Nursing & Phlebotomy Training

Turn to TRIAD TECH, INC in Huntington, West Virginia, for in-depth EKG, nurse, and phlebotomy training. Once you become a student in any of our courses, you’ll be in your chosen profession in no time.
Class Times
Day Classes: 9am to 2pm
Night Classes: 5pm to 10pm

Phlebotomy Technician Program

Become a certified phlebotomist by taking our comprehensive classes. In this profession, you will draw blood from patients for testing purposes. Professionals in this career path work under the supervision of the medical technologist or laboratory managers.

Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Program

Enroll in our CNA program and learn the best industry practices from our experienced professors. Our 120-hour course has been approved by the Office of Health Facility Licensure Board of West Virginia. While we offer convenient evening classes, seating is limited.
In our classes, we help you learn how to use syringes, vacutainers, butterflies, S-Monovette™ needles, and Sarstedt™ multiflys. You will also learn how to stick hands and feet. Lastly, when it is time for you to take the National ASPT Board Exam, you’ll need to have 100 successful sticks and five finger sticks.

EKG Technicians

If you are interested in performing electrocardiogram tests in order to record and monitor electrical impulses transmitted by the heart, our EKG training is for you. In this position, you’ll also assist a physician in diagnosing and treating cardiac and blood vessel irregularities. These tests include basic EKG's, Holter monitoring (portable EKG which records activity for 24 to 48 hours), and stress tests (treadmill).

National Multi-Skilled Course

For students who are interested in becoming skilled in multiple areas, make sure you take our “Patient Care Tech I” course. In this class, you’ll learn about several patient assessment areas, such as vitals, chart documentation, and catheter care.

Certified Medical Assistant

  • 240 Hours
  • 24 Week Program
  • 2 National Certifications
  • 1 Certified Medical Assistant
  • 1 Medical Billing & Coding

Open Lab Day

If you are a current or past student who would like to hone your skills, our lab is available. The cost to attend is a low $25.00. Students must pay in advance before participating for a scheduled time.
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